"Bratton PR took us from 0 to 60 in a flash. In just under three months they have generated a significant amount of high impact, visual and influential media coverage, which is helping us to achieve our business objectives. They helped us launch the Heliodisplay, organise press demos and are constantly negotiating with journalists for interviews and article placement. Bratton PR is particularly well suited to smaller start-ups as they are extremely flexible and effective."

Kenneth Siber, Co-Founder of Betaminds.


Founded in 2005, Betaminds is a leading marketing technology company focusing on unique, interactive and highly entertaining solutions to stop consumers in their tracks. Innovative products currently available include the Heliodisplay, which projects, what appear to be, 3-D holograms in mid-air, and Interact FX, a ground-breaking projector solution for gesture-based, Minority Report-style interaction. Bratton PR started representing Betaminds in Spring 2006.


Target Audiences: Marketing Directors across numerous industry sectors, plus event organisers; advertising, marketing & PR agencies; designers and architects; retailers and TV/film production companies


Initially focusing on the scientific/futuristic scope of the Heliodisplay and its status as a prototype, to create news and feature stories. Exploiting the Heliodisplay's huge potential in numerous promotional scenarios across an almost unlimited range of organisations (public and private sector) & industries. Leveraging reference customers to demonstrate real-life applications of the Heliodisplay in different vertical market sectors